Our Story

In 1996 we began with a vision

“Bringing all businesses online”. We started a hosting platform. Though it was a tremendous success, it never felt like we were doing enough, especially in helping the smaller businesses.

While we were on the journey to expand our business,  we faced challenges in managing our sales flow and couldn't find the perfect solution out there. As it turns out, many small businesses were facing the same problem.

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The idea of  Pivotino was born, a solution to streamline the sales process and provide insight to key stakeholders. Pivotino would not only be the tool for us, but for every business in our position.

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When covid-19 took the world by a storm it caused most businesses to lose on sales.

We knew that our product would greatly benefit all affected businesses get back on their feet and supercharge their sales process.

We started the project with a strong drive

Our team worked day in and day out researching best practices and developing the perfect tool to super speed the sales flow and provide an overview of the user's business .

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The name comes from the need for a tool to give the sales team leverage. At the core of it all, a pivot that brings together the sales team "in" your company with "out"side opportunities, closing the gap in between.  It is a mission we believe in.

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Constant Strive

With the perseverance of our team, we hear your struggles and are constantly striving to satisfy your needs.