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Manage Your Company

Edit Your Company Details :

  • In Pivotino, the business owner can change the company details.

  • To change the company details, Go to Configuration > Company and click on Edit.

    • General Information: Under this tab, the business owner can change the company address, phone, email, and website.

    • SaaS Config: Under this tab, the system allows to change the Industry of the company and the CRM Basic Configuration.

      • Day(s) to set to LOST: Allow to configure the no of days to move the inactive opportunity to lose.

      • Day(s) to set DUE for each activity: Allow to configure the no of days for the set due date of the activity ( First activity & Follow up ).

      • Auto Create Lead From SO: If this checkbox is tic then the system automatically creates opportunity when the user creates Sales order Manually.

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                              Company Details

Manage Users

Create a New User :

  • Pivotino allows you with the option to add additional  users  at any given point. 

  • The business owner only can  create new users

  • To Create New user, Go to Configuration > User > and click on Create Button

  • First, add the name of your new user with an email address (valid) - *will use to log into Pivotino system

  • Select the role of the user, under the tab “Quick User Setup” choose the group. 

    • Business Owner:  Have access right for configuration and set targets for sales. A business owner can view the entire company details

    • User:  Have access right for only his / her data.

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                            User Details

  • Once you are done with the user details and have Saved it, An invitation email is automatically sent to the user. The user must click on it to accept the invitation and create a log in .

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                              User Invitation

Deactivating User : 

  • In your list of users, click on the user you want to deactivate.  Go to Action > Archived.

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                                    Option for Deactivating User

Change Password for User : 

  • In your list of users, click on the user you want to change your password. 

  • Go to Action > Change Password > Enter New Password and click on Change Password Button.

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                       Option for Change Password

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               Change Password Wizard