Sales Person

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Better Customer Retention

Stay one step ahead. Using existing client's preferences, you are able to find out what products clients may be interested in or even up sell! Pivotino helps to create a satisfactory client experience and retention as well as contributing to a shorter sale cycle.

Super Speed Your Sales Cycle

Confirm your sales as fast as spotting an opportunity with Pivotino. Create and send out quotations immediately. Watch as your opportunities convert into won cases as the customer buys off.

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Keep Selling Remotely 

Safety and Productivity  can go hand in hand . Pivotino  helps your remote work be as effective as ever, with fantastic team collaboration functionality at your fingertips, you can now do more without the need of face to face meetings.

Know Your Priority

Mark your potential clients according to their level of priority. You will never miss out any high level opportunity again.

Keep Your Target in Sight

A dashboard that shows your target and your actual result at real time and you can view it from anywhere.

Schedule Your Activity

Have all your activities scheduled here. Never again, double booking and cancelling on any opportunity and  jeopardize your credentials.

Reminder on the Go

Never miss an opportunity again with push notification. 

Give your sales a boost