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Simplicity at your finger tips

Pivotino's ergonomic design allows you to work with ease and effective. No more cumbersome information and data. See what you need to, when you need to.
Review your sales, Inspect the reasons, and Act to win.

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Mobile friendly

Continue where you left off, from your PC to your phone. Never be interrupted nor miss out on an opportunity.

Business Owner

Business Owner

Running a business is never easy but with Pivotino, it can be easier and quicker. You can now view your business progress and take action quickly, wherever you are.

Perhaps you can even get some extra time to spend with your family again.



Meeting the sales target can be hard. Sometimes, all you need is extra help to sort out potential opportunities and follow up on sales closely. 

Pivotino helps you manage sales in a few clicks, opening windows of opportunities for you.


Increase in sales potential

Pivotino CRM can help increase sales by 29% on average by Improving the sales flow process and enhancing customer retention


 Meet your sales target

On average, 65% of salespeople who adopt CRM meet their sales quotas. Compared to only 22% of salespeople who do not


Shorten your sales cycle

Salesperson can quickly access needed data with ease, thus shortening the sales cycle by 14% on average. Made even better with Pivotino Mobile App


Improve sales accuracy

Pivotino CRM can help improve your sales accuracy by 42% on average through a powerful dashboard analytics

Never Miss an Opportunity Again!

Boost your sales with Pivotino CRM